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Louver Dampers


Louver dampers are multi-bladed dampers that are best suited for applications where precise modulation is fundamental. The louver type damper is one of the most commonly used dampers due to its ability to gradually control the flow through the ductwork and yet still maintain an adequate level of isolation when the damper is shut.

The use of an opposed blade design versus a parallel blade design offers additional flow modulation capability while sacrificing some isolation ability.


Tandem louver damper configurations with seal air fan can provide for a modulating damper design while assuring complete isolation when the damper is shut and the seal air fan is in operation.

For applications where internal insulation or refractory is required METCO TECHNOLOGIES INC. can assure that the design used will meet industry standards.

METCO TECHNOLOGIES INC. can provide regulating dampers for mining ventilation applications (Ventilation on Demand, VOD) with heavy-duty, concussion blast resistant technology as well as complete resistance to corrosion. These regulators have been specifically designed to take on the harshest of conditions that can be expected in an underground mining environment.




Depending on the application and the sealing requirements, METCO TECHNOLOGIES INC. can assist in determining the best seal selection for your damper.

Seal Configurations:

  • Swing through seals
  • Composite tadpole seals
  • Metal-to-metal seals
  • Purging seals
  • High-flex metallic seals

Operator selection is another key decision where METCO TECHNOLOGIES INC. can assist our customers.

Operator Types:

  • Manual
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Electric actuation
  • Hydraulic actuation

Each of these types of actuation have advantages and disadvantages. Some important information required to assist in the decision process are as follows:

  • Torque required
  • How quickly the damper must be able to modulate or fully open/shut?
  • What is the available power source (instrumentation air, electrical power, etc.)?
  • What are the environmental conditions surrounding the actuator?
  • Is a failsafe system required to force the damper to move to a desired position if power or signal is lost or removed?
  • Power consumption

METCO TECHNOLOGIES INC. can assist you in determining the best option for your needs in order to minimize upfront damper costs as well as operational costs down the road.

Louver dampers are available for rectangular, square and circular duct sections.